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Okay before I get into my review there are two things I can not stand about Insanity:

1. Tonya - the asian lady that's always in the front, she is such a camera hog! She's always like dancing or something on water break and she's always the one you hear yelling during the workouts! I just can't stand her!! ha!

2. This goes beyond Insanity, like gyms and workout classes...GIRLS that have their hair down when they're working out! It's like get your freakin' hair out of your freakin' face!! I guess that goes on the same terms of girls who put make-up on to go to the gym! It drives me crazy, it's like really is that necessary!?


Okay review time...

This workout was suppose to be Saturday but a lot stuff happened and was unable to do it so I did it Sunday!!

So it's PURE CARDIO and CARDIO ABS!!! Killer Workout!!

Stats from this workout:
Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes
Calories Burned: 638
Avg. Heart Rate: 156
Max Heart Rate: 190

I did a review on PURE CARDIO already which you can go HERE to read about it! I know I am improving because I actually made it through the WARM-UP without taking a break, which in itself is a mini workout! But the actually workout I had a hard time doing, I took a lot of breaks but I can tell I am improving on some stuff! Towards the end my arms and legs were giving out at the "Suicide Jumps" and the "Push up Jacks!" I came so close to smack my face against the floor! HA.

After that you go straight into CARDIO ABS!

This starts out with a small warm-up which consist of:
- Jog- a nice, steady pace
- High Knees: Arms straight up and lifting your knees to hip height *Use your core to lift your knees*
- High Knees w/ Twist - Same as above BUT arms now move side to side! Elbows got to opposite knees when they rise
- Jump Rope - Pretend to jump rope
- Tuck Jumps - *SUPER HARD MOVE* in a ski-like crouch, jump up and use your core to bring your knees straight up to where they meet your elbows!
- Wide Tuck Jumps - Same as before but legs opened wide!

30 Second Water Break

C-Sit Position Moves:
Twist: While in C-Set, turn side to side
Twist with Knee: Same as above, but raise opposite knees as you bring hands down to each side
A-Frame Ab Twist: Same as Twist but now hands go above the head, then each time go up and down as tracing a capital "A."
A-Frame with Knee: As you bring arms up raise knees through them
Hold Center in C-Set (kinda like a plank holding position but you're in a C-Sit, you can really start feeling it if you weren't already! I had to take a break here!

30 Second Water Break!

Single Leg Raises: Back in C-Sit, but now one leg is extended out in front of you, while the other leg is bent with knees close to your chest. Lean back, hands on floor by your hips. Pull in the extended leg so that it comes to your chest then back out and with leg stiff raise it up, then repeat!

30 Second Water Break!

Both Legs: C- Sit with both legs extended straight in front of you then bring them both into your chest, knees coming up and then back out, then raise both legs up, extend, then raise back up!

** I could not do this one, I must not have any abs muscles or my legs were tired. I just couldn't raise both my legs I could bring them in but couldn't raise them! :( **

30 Second Water Break!

High Plank Position Moves:
-Alt Knees: Get in high plank position (in push up position with back straight, and core contracted) Alternate bring each knees to your elbows
-Alt Knees Fast: Same as above but faster and with a little hop.

Low Plank Position Moves:
Alt Knees: Same as high plank alt knees but in low plank position (in push up position but resting on your forearms)
Clild's Pose: This is a rest! You're on your knees, head down with arms extended in front of you!
Pulse Tucks: Going from High to Low Plank, you pulse your hips up and down kind of like humping the air a little bit. Keep your core tight and pulse count do it for an 8 count in high plank then back down to low plank for 8 and repeat!

**I laughed a little when he was showing us this move and I was like seriously but OMG you can totally feel this move!**

Then it's Cool down which only last a couple minutes! This work out is roughly 17-18 minutes!

I will say I thought it was kind of tough doing it coming right out of Pure Cardio!

Tomorrow is FIT TEST time, so I will definitely post about that tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed my review! :)

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