Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weight Loss

So, this morning I was hestitate to weigh myself because I didn't eat well this weekend, at least not Saturday! But I went and ahead and weighed myself AND......I used to weigh 186.5 and now I am....176.0lbs!!! I've lost 10.5lbs!! I am so excited to see that number because I thought I'd never get there and I did! This gives me big motivation to work harder and push myself to reach my other goals and lose more weight! I am just so happy...after I weighed myself I must of been to excited because I spilled coffee all over me right before I walked out the door! AWESOME...but I didn't care I was too happy to be upset or mad about it! HA!!

Well that is all I have right now, I will do a update on Insanity Recovery week later today or this week sometime! I just wanted to share my good news! :)

God Bless

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