Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weight Loss

I have lost 26.5 pounds so far! WOOHOO! I've been sick since last weekend! Boo...I still have been going to the gym this week even though I am still not 100%! But the other day I couldn't complete all my cardio because my chest started hurting and burning so I stopped! Then these past two days I've been having bad abdominal pain, it even woke me up at 2am it was so bad! It was gone in the morning but it came back as I was leaving for work and has stuck around all night!  I didn't eat dinner (I know bad!) because I didn't know if it made it worse or what! Let's just say I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow!

Even though nothing in my life is currently going the way I want, I put all that frustration in my workouts which usually makes for a good workout!

I looked in the mirror tonight and I just couldn't help but smile and be happy about how far I've come and how close I am to my goals!! :)

Remember to Dig Deep and Push Forward no matter what is going on in life!

It's great when people at work or where ever tell me that my post of Facebook make them motivated to get up and do some exercise. Though my Facebook is currently deactivated due to personal issues and hopefully will help me keep my mind off things, people can still catch me on Instagram or Twitter (though I never really use it! ha.) But I'll eventually be back on Facebook (not sure when though, could be awhile) but when I am back up I'll be able to motivate people because I love doing that!

Hope all is well with everyone! Just thought I'd give a quick update! Happy Halloween! Stay Safe!!