Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Yeah I don't have a lot of time to update this thing as I initially wanted but there's a thing called life that got in the way...BUT it did not get in the way of my workouts and getting fit, it fueled my workouts! ha.

 I made this chart today because I am on the second snow day for work plus I woke up feeling pretty damn good. Yeah, I'd like some things to be different in my life but overall I am a fairly happy person these days! :)

Okay back to the chart, I know I am like one month shy of a year but I figured since I have time now might as well do it!!

So here goes: (Click to make it bigger, if need be)

 Holy Freaking Smokes right!? lol. Honestly, I don't notice some of the changes because well I look at myself every day, but people who don't see me on a normal daily basis they're always like damn! where have you gone?! You look great! I'm always like yeah thanks! I don't do well with compliments, I don't know why!? I mean I appreciate them a lot but I get shy or something when someone is like you look amazing...ha! 

But there you have it folks...that is my losses for the year (almost!) I am so glad I measured and took pictures of myself when I first started this journey because that's what has helped motivated me when I feel down about my body!