Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 1, Day 5 - PURE CARDIO

I did this workout today even though I really didn't want to! But the thing I do when I think like that I get up and do it before I have a second chance to think about not doing it!! 

This workout was about 40 minutes long! It was brutal because my legs were still sore and my calves were screaming no more! It was rough and I took a lot of breaks!

Lately, my asthma has been bad so I have to take breaks to slow my breathing down so I don't have a full blown asthma attack. I get really wheezy and it sucks! But I keep pushing forward once I can get it under control. I do keep my inhaler next to me and I have tried to take it about 30 minutes before I work out, it helps a little but not that much.

Breakdown of the workout:

Warm-up: (usually always the same!)
Jumping Jacks
123 Heismans
Butt Kicks
High Knees
Mummy Kicks

Do this set three times, the last time is like a full blown sprint through the exercises!

Stretch: (I sweat a lot during the stretch it's weird!)
-Side lunges
-Back Extensions
-Yoga Poses

NOW for the main workout, it's only 15 minutes but it's about the longest 15 minutes EVER! No water breaks!

You do each of these exercises for one minute:
- Suicide Drills - Run to one side, reach down & touch floor, then dart back where you started, touch the floor then back to the other side. Up, down, Up down for one minute.

- Switch Kicks - Arms up, elbows close the body, hop from one foot to the other, kicking out with a front kick, alternating legs!

- Wide Football Sprints - Legs wide & sprint fast on toes, feet barely leaving the ground, hand out in front of you. Switch to face left side, then face front, right then shuffle to one side still sprinting then fall back to the drop one knee, THEN bust out in a fast jog!

- Stance Jacks - Just like a jumping jack but each time your feet go wide, drop down to a deep squat and reach down and touch the floor, alternating arms each time!

- Pedal - Jog fast, only  you drop into a deep lunge, then back up into a sprint and keep alternating your legs for the deep lunge. (I literally felt like dying at this workout!)

- Hooks & Jump Rope - I like this one just a LITTLE! ha. Legs wide, knee bent a little, punch eight hooks into the air with one arm then leap as high as you can like you are jump roping twice under your feet then alternating arms with the punches and doing the high jumps.

- Power Jacks - Like the stance jacks but do in a deep squat and arms down to your knee and pop back up over and over!

- Level 2 Drills - Not going to lie but I could barely do these!! I do maybe like 6-7 in one minute. BUT you drop in push up position, do eight push ups, then sprint in place for eight count, then hike knees back up under you chest and leap up, reaching for the sky. Drop and repeat!! This exercise is AWFUL!

- Frog Jumps - Squat, touch the floor, leap up and back, fall back in squat, touch the floor, leap up and forward over and over!

- Power Knees - In side lunge, bring your knee into both hands, crunching it up and go as fast as you can over and over. You do one leg for 30 seconds and then the other!

- Mountain Climbers - Lift knees and arms up. Opposite hand as the leg coming up. Reach up high to the sky and bring your legs up high.

- Ski Down - Lateral jumps. Keep knees together and swing arms as you jump. It's just as if you were skiing down a hill

- Scissor Runs - Shaun T is so exhausted he actually forget what this move is called, it's funny! But you face forward, alternating each foot forward and back with legs and arms straight moving.

- Suicide Jumps - Yeah, I was done about here. I could barely do these either! BUT you reach down, jump your legs out into a push up position, then bring your legs back up into a crouch THEN you leap/jump up and grab the sky! The jump part of this is awful! You just keep going down, out, back up over and over!

- Push Up Jacks - In push up position, go down into the push up, but kick your legs out as if you were doing a regular jumping jack standing up...Push back up & bring feet back together then do it over and over again!

You stretch for the last like 4 minutes or something, I just wanted to lay on the floor and stay there for a long time! HA.

But yes, by the end of the this workout I wanted to literally collapse! Like I said this was the longest 15 minutes EVER! The end of this video is funny because Shaun T says, "this sh*t is bananas!" HAHA. It's definitely true!

This is my workout! As you can see it took me longer than the actual workout because of the breaks I took! HA. Overall I think I did fairly well!

Breakfast: Bowl of Cheerios
Snack: Cottage cheese & Nutrition Bar
Lunch: Oatmeal with fresh strawberries & raspberries (YUM!)
Snack: Orange and a FEW chips (no judging allowed!)
Dinner: Taco salad kinda....I don't know how how explain it! ha! 

I saw this today and I literally busted up laughing! This is totally what my friend Lindsay would say to me if I asked her about her diet! ha. We have a love, hate relationship! 

This is what I remind myself all the time when I don't think I worked quite as hard as I wanted to! Ha. 

Alright done with the pictures my body needs to rest it's so sore! But I love the burn! ha. Okay, tomorrow I am suppose to do a workout but I'll be in Chicago for the most of the day so Sunday is suppose to be the rest day but tomorrow will have to be my rest day! So, I'll update on Sunday! :)

God Bless

- Kathryn

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