Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 1, Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Wow! Wow! Wow! Today was tough!! I definitely had to take longer than 30 second breaks they give you. Then towards the last drill I could barely do all of them because my arms and legs were giving out.  I tried my best though!! 

Here is the breakdown of the workout, its about a 42 minute work but seems MUCH longer than that, the actual workout is only 20 minutes because for the first 20 minutes you warm-up and then stretch and then it's kicking butt time!  

The warm-up consist of:

Jumping Jacks
Log Jumps - jumping on one leg from side to side like you are jumping over an actual log
123 Heisman - alternate your legs, bringing them to your chest with your body down and arms moving with your legs side to side
Moving Heisman- same as above but moving two step to the right and then left
Butt Kicks - bring those heals to your butt, literally!
High Knees - alternating knees above waist
Vertical Jumps
Mummy kicks 

You repeat this three times, harder and harder until the last time and you're pretty much sprinting through those exercises!!! The warm-up is pretty much a mini workout!! Before you get to the stretch!! If you're not dripping sweat during the stretch then you're doing something wrong!

You get a 30 second water break (and trust me I took like a 3 minutes break to get my breathing under control!!! 

Then it's on to the actually workout!  

The breakdown for that is:

Round 1 - You repeat this three times
Suicide Drills
Power Squats
Mountain Climbers
Ski Down Jumps (these are a killer)
At the end of this you take a 30 seconds water break but on the third time you skip the water break and go straight into Switch Feet and Football Drills! (I had to stop during the Football drills!) 

Round 2 (Repeat three times)
Basketball Drills - (jump like you are shooting a ball and then go down and touch ground and do it again!)
Level 1 Drills (down into plank, do 4 push ups, then run it out 4 counts, jump back in & jump up, then start all over again) --- Major Killer!! I could barely do these!!
Ski Abs - Plank position, constantly jumps from plank position then jumping to the side with your feet, then back and then to the other side! 
In & Outs Abs - Plank position jumping in and out! --- OMG! I was literally wanting to scream at this point, I actually had to take a break! Shaun T annoys the crap of out me and I want to scream at him because he is yelling IN! OUT! IN! OUT! Grrr!

Then you get a 30 second water break (I took wayy longer than that!)

BUT on the 3rd time you go right into:
Cross Jacks
Upper Cuts
Attack Jabs
(only repeated once)

Seriously, I wanted to scream during the jabs and upper cuts but I kept telling myself keep going, you're almost there! Then you get a 15 breather and go straight into some stretching for like 5 minutes, and then you're DONE! Yay!!

THEN I don't know what got into me, I did 20 minute express Zumba! I must of been in a dancing mood or maybe I felt bad for eating half of a cinnamon roll! NO JUDGING me for that please, we can't always be perfect! HA!

I wear a F7 Polar Watch...I love, love this thing! I don't workout without it! But my stats from that were: 
Workout time: 1 hour 17 minutes
Calories Burned: 878
Average Heart Rate: 165
Max Heart Rate: 201 

So, I took a screen shot of my food diary on MyFitnessPal to show what I eat today! 

I do believe if you click on the picture it will make it bigger, but I could be wrong!

Hopefully, you can read this! Remember, No judging on the half of a cinnamon roll! I only really had 4 meals instead of 5 because I was busy at work and only ate half of the Power Bar at my morning snack, then the other half along with cottage cheese at the afternoon snack! I feel like I ate more than just this for some reason, but I think I did overall pretty well with everything else. 

Well that's all for today!! Hopefully tomorrow I am just as motivated as I was today!! :)

- Kathryn 

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