Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 1, Day 3- Cardio Power & Resistance

This workout had a lot of jumps! You do the same warm up and stretch as yesterday and then it's time for the main workout!

Break down of that:

Set 1:
Power Jumps - from squat, leap up & bring your knees high and slap your knees (I can't slap my knees yet)
Power Kicks - hands on hip, squat down, moving side to side and when you come up do a front kick, and alternate legs on the front kick
Hit the Floor - from side to side, leap up like you're reaching for something and then squat side ways and touch the ground and alternate from going side to side
V Push Ups - get in push up position then walk feet as close as you can, with butt pointing up, fingers pointing at each other. Then do push ups, using your shoulders.

Each set takes 2 minutes, then 30 second water break between each set. 

Third set you don't get a water break you go straight into:
Tricep Dips
30 second water break
Ball Tricep

Set 2:
Hurdle Jumps - sprint in place and jump over invisible lateral hurdle
Globe Jumps - jump to side, then back, then over, jump back up; in a square formation. After reach jump go in deep squat.
Moving Push-ups: Normal push-up, but when you go down travel with your feet (I can't do these, so I just work on just push-ups because I can barely do them)
Floor Sprints - Stay in push-up position, but sprint in place (super hard after push-ups!)

30 second break between each set, after third set you go straight into:

Hop Squats: In squat position, do little hops up and down (8 times) then do 8 push-ups! You do this for a one minute! 

THEN you stretch...the End!

The last exercise is always the hardest to finish out, at least for me! 

I thought tonight's work out was rough indeed! I did do a little Zumba turns the end but my nephew started bothering me so I couldn't really do much! 

Meal 1: Oatmeal with walnuts, fresh strawberries & raspberries and 1 tsp of brown sugar
Snack 1: Plain Greek yogurt, walnuts, apple, 1 tsp of honey
Lunch: Pasta with mixed vegetables
Snack 2: Whole-Grain crackers with lunch meat (forgot the feta cheese at home *sad face*)
Dinner: Shakeology with side of little dry cereal (haven't actually had dinner but that's the plan) 

Well that's all I have for now, I am so tired I was up late doing homework! So, I will be going to bed early tonight 1.) I am really tired 2.) we are suppose to get lots of snow, but I'll believe it when I see it! 

Leaving you with a proud moment last night I was talking to my mom in the kitchen then I looked around and saw tons of junk food, donuts, chips and candy! I looked at her and said I have got to get out of here, there's so much junk food in here so I ran back to my room! hahaha! 

I'm out! 

God Bless

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